Best Left Buried: Behind Closed Doors

Best Left Buried: Behind Closed Doors

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Available as part of the Zinequest Quartet bundle. Click below to get all 4 books for £50!

DRINSHIRE FESTERS, villages beset from within and without, unspeakable bargains uttered beneath dying bowers. The petty country nobles scheme, murder & plot. The forests heave with forgotten, loathsome terrors.

The centre of this boil is DRINHARROW, a great leaning pile of stone, ready to collapse in on itself, held together by tension between those who would see it crumble.

The gods blinked when they made Drinshire.

The errant Witch-Hunter BRUTUS LICHEN has resurrected the Merciful Fellowship of the Flame Pursuant, an ancient, extra-legal order of Witch-Hunters empowered to act as judge, jury, and executioner. Your band of Cryptdiggers were subcontracted to the Fellowship and provided with holy writs of inquisition.

This is an Adventure Best Left Buried!

Written by Luke Gearing. Art by Ben Brown.

Funded on Kickstarter as part of Zinequest 2, the Best Left Buried: Zinequest Quartet is a collection of four adventures for Best Left Buried and other OSR games, with conversion tools available at WWW.SOULMUPPET.CO.UK to work with any D20 roleplaying system.

Product available as a PDF or a 60 page A4 Softcover and PDF.