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Pirates, princesses, processions. An art zine, inspired by the SEA.

Guns. Knives. Ships. Textiles. Magic. Gods.

Welcome to the Thousand Thousand Islands — a porous, patchwork reality inspired by Southeast Asia.


Drawings is an art zine. 30 detailed black-and-white illustrations, comprising character studies, action shots, and tableaux.

Dashing warriors; shrines and trade stalls; pirates, princesses, and magicians.

These images are the result of the artist’s initial research forays into the material cultures, lived stories, and mythistories of Southeast Asia. An appendix to A Thousand Thousand Islands.

By Mun Kao.



“… the style of the drawings reminds me of old storybooks and textbooks, where foundational myths and legends mingled with history … There are familiar SEA motifs, with hints of the fantastical; but the tales of the past that I know have always been tinged with wonder, so it all seems sort of matter-of-fact. Fantasy and mundanity are one and the same.
– Aaron Lim, on Twitter

“I want more books of just concept art, like this. It’s a great way to provide fuel for gamemasters … illustrations like this just get my mind going.”
– Ben Milton, Questing Beast

“No text, no explanations, just beautiful little black-and-white pieces … Some of the illustrations would look better if the books were larger, I feel, but there’s no loss of detail or significant blurring.”
– Skerples, Coins and Scrolls