Peculiar Children

Peculiar Children

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In the last decade and a half peculiar children have been born. No one can say exactly what’s causing their birth, but their existence is undeniable. Many peculiar children are abandoned by their families. Others are forced to hide their peculiarity lest they be discovered and suffer the same fate, or worse. So far, each peculiarity is unique.

?Peculiar Children ?is a game inspired by Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children?, a novel and photograph collection by Ransom Riggs. In it, you take on the role of children with peculiarities; supernatural abilities that make you distinct from other human beings. Peculiar children are rarely safe. Their abilities make them targets. You might be hunted by pseudo-scientists keen to experiment upon you, private agencies who would manipulate you for power or wealth, or ignorant mobs who see you as other.

Despite their youth, peculiar children often have to find solutions on their own. When other peculiars go missing, the police ignore it. When supernatural events occur, peculiars are blamed. Getting past these problems is just another day in the life of a peculiar child.

This game is based on the Year Zero Engine and uses a pool of d8s as it’s resolution mechanic, augmented by a d6 whenever a child’s peculiarity comes into play. Furthermore, children can bank peculiar points when they succeed, which can be spent to use their peculiarities in ways that don’t require the rolling of dice.