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That Dungeon Game With Dragons and Stuff

That Dungeon Game With Dragons and Stuff

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Remember when we used to play that famous classic dungeon crawling RPG? Remember how fun it was? But do you remember all the rules? Neither do we!

That Dungeon Game with Dragons & Stuff is a reimagining of OSR games with a vital twist: players come up with (almost) anything in the game: races, classes, spells, items and whatnot. Ever thought of playing as a half-goat-half-dwarf? Want to literally blast spells as a shotgun-wielding wizard? Always thought that Fart Cloud should be a spell? You got it! Prepare your trusty twenty-sider, for this is the only die you’ll need. Then choose your party’s leader, the one responsible for telling the group what’s ahead (oh yes, there is no DM!). But beware every enemy or trap in the dungeon, because even though the group can pretty much decide how many and how deadly they are, every hit could be your character’s last!
This book contains:

  • Complete game rules for DMless OSR adventures
  • Rules for race, class and special power creation
  • Progression up to 5th level for every character
  • Random dungeon and monster generation tables
  • All in 32 A6 pages!
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