About Us

SoulMuppet Publishing was founded in April 2017 and since then has launched a number of roleplaying game (RPG) products. From the collective creative minds of Zach and Ben, the team promises innovative game design, gripping writing and fantastically creepy illustrations.

Our products include Best Left Buried, Orbital Blues, Esoteric Enterprises and Rakehell.

Queries to info@soulmuppet.co.uk

We currently stock our products with Exalted Funeral and Melsonian Arts Council.

Zach - Founder, Head Writer, Game Designer

Zach created SoulMuppet Publishing after falling in love with roleplaying games, usually those made before he was born. He is the writer behind Best Left Buried and A Doom To Speak. He has played a role in bringing dozens of other RPGs books to print as a writer, editor and publisher. Zach can be found on Twitter, where he’s usually talking about RPGs under the handle @JellyMuppet.

Ben - Illustrator
Ben Brown is an artist based in Nottingham and Cambridge. As well as illustrating the disturbed characters and vicious, cold-eyed monsters that stalk the darkest recesses of the earth, he also enjoys making political cartoons. Keep up with Ben’s art on Twitter @IllustratorBB.