The Stygian Library is an adventure designed for old school roleplaying games written by Emmy 'Cavegirl' Allen.

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Finding the Entrance

Only a few locations form a proper connection to the Library and thus can be used to access the place. The requirements are:

  • It must be a collection of books or similar written works. A library, archive, or perhaps a particularly large bookshop.
  • It must be large enough that you can’t see all of it from the entrance.
  • Somebody must have died there (you can kill somebody and an entrance will appear).

Any such space will contain an entrance to the Stygian Library. Any collection of books might contain an entrance if the information inside is interesting or potent enough.

The entrance to the Library is a simple thing. Somewhere in the library, there will be an unmarked door. It is invariably locked. It is probably hidden, perhaps behind a shelf against the wall, beneath wallpaper, in rooms the public are barred from entering, or under a painting or sign. Find it, unlock it, and on the other side the rows of shelves continue.


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