A Doom To Speak: Volume 1: The Crypt Collection

A Doom To Speak: Volume 1: The Crypt Collection

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There are things that dwell in the Crypt, and some are Best Left Buried.

Best Left Buried is a fantasy horror game where the monsters are scary and the players are scared. A Doom To Speak, initially funded on Kickstarter, aims to bring you more creepy content in the form of fourteen dungeons, featuring the writings of Zachary Cox and several guests across the RPG writing community. A Doom To Speak hopes to catapult the traditional dungeon formula into a short, hyper-useable format, borrowing from traditions such as the One Page Dungeon Contest and the Pamphlet Jam.

The first book is 64 pages long and is made up of a collection of short, four page "zini" dungeons. Every zini contained with this book includes art, maps and descriptions of dungeon rooms, as well as monsters, random encounters and treasure, all in a dense, informative medium designed to minimise page-flipping.

The second book is 20 pages long and contains the zini rules of Best Left Buried, acting as a perfect reference document. It includes the following topics: Character Creation, Advancements, Playing The Game, Consequences, Monsters.

Product available as PDF or two books and PDF - 64 Page Dungeons Book and 24 Page Rules Book. Both A5 Softcover.