Best Left Buried: Spy in the House of Eth

Best Left Buried: Spy in the House of Eth

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Available as part of the Zinequest Quartet bundle. Click below to get all 4 books for £50!

SPY IN THE HOUSE OF ETH is a hexcrawl set on a mangrove-warrened coast. The twisting inlets shelter pirates and Dugong-Men; the limestone karst hides rogue Automata and abandoned forts.

Everybody has a stake in the supernatural smog now gradually spreading over this territory—the incursion of an infernal alter-reality. Having completed his hostile takeover of Hell, Samsun Eth is finalising a merger...

This is an Adventure Best Left Buried!

Written by Zedeck Siew. Art by Ben Brown.

Funded on Kickstarter as part of Zinequest 2, the Best Left Buried: Zinequest Quartet is a collection of four adventures for Best Left Buried and other OSR games, with conversion tools available at WWW.SOULMUPPET.CO.UK to work with any D20 roleplaying system.

Also available as part of the Zinequest Quartet bundle!

Product available as a PDF or a 60 page A4 Softcover and PDF.