Age of Gods

Age of Gods

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Gods walk among us, but not all of them are good beings. In fact, some are very bad and serve dark purposes. Anyway, they have several avatars, mortals like us that represent their facets and personality traits. Avatars use their powers to protect or destroy, bring peace or war.

In Age of Gods, you play a character who can be blessed by the gods, or even cursed by them. Along with your group, you will experience challenging adventures, face powerful creatures and explore an ancient world full of treasures hidden in dangerous places.

Age of Gods is a simple RPG by Horos.

The Age of Gods 28-page PDF includes:

• How to play instructions with examples

• Character creation steps with optional information

• Easy to learn and play rules

• Weapons, armor, and equipment list

• Combat system with detailed examples

• Character evolution

• How to run the game

• Appendix with tables, spells, gods & avatars, and setting description

• Original artwork

• Illustrated maps

• Bestiary